St.Mykolai Floating Crane has been Launched – Outfitting is being Continued

Despite long-lasting May holidays, SNC shipyard continued to construct St.Mykolai floating crane.

The following scope of work was performed:

1) Foundations and welded outfitting were installed on the pressure resistant hull.

2) Welded joints were tested by using non-destructive control methods (gamma research, ultrasound study).

3) Elements of hull systems (ballasts tanks, sea chests) were tested by using an air method and water injection method.

4) Waterline and load line marks were made.

5) There were carried out measurements of the main vessel’s dimensions.

6) Bottom-borne equipment, bleeder plugs were assembled and tested.

7) There were mounted a log, an echometer, and corrosion-resistant protective coatings of the vessel’s hull and tanks.

8) There were installed rudder-propellers and box coolers.

9) The vessel’s outer surface was painted according to the scheme.

The given set of measures allowed to undock the floating crane and to tow it to the quay (May 3, 2013).

At present the vessel is afloat and outfitting is being continued:

1) There are being performed assembly, welding and processing of foundations for two grabs and a loader on the main deck.

2) There are being installed systems in the water treatment room (water treatment system) and in the engine room (fuel, oil, ballast and other systems).

3) Outer doors are being mounted in the aft and bow superstructures.

4) There was completed welding work to install portholes in the navigation house.

5) Straightening is being performed on the aft superstructure.

6) There was completed welding work to install a pillar’s support on the upper deck of the bow superstructure.

7) The buoyancy compartments of the floating crane are being inspected and tested for impermeability by using an air inflation method.

8) There is being continued assembly of gas exhaust components of diesel generators, there has been performed preliminary assembly of dampers and spark arrestors.

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