Installation of Mooring and Towing Equipment is being Completed on St.Mykolai Floating Crane

Spaces of St.Mykolai floating crane are examined for compliance and tested for leakproofness with further final painting at SNC shipyard (Romania).
Besides, on the main deck of the vessel there is being completed installation of mooring and towing equipment.
Mooring and towing equipment is a set of fittings and mechanisms that are used to secure the ship when it is moored at a dock or alongside another vessel and to fasten the towing cable during towing operations. It includes moorings, bollards, hawses, mooring chocks, reels, hand and electric capstans or winches.
Portholes and deck coamings are being installed at the aft and bow superstructures (units No 50, 60, 80). Deck covering and insulation will be performed within the next few days.
Coaming is a high raised rim around the hatchway of a hold or underdeck seamen’s accommodation to prevent the entrance of sea water.
There has been started installation of pipes of ventilation and conditioning systems. The first systems are examined for compliance. In particular, other systems are being installed and prepared for tests.
There is being continued assembly of lath for metal plating of spaces. The shipbuilders mounted lath for metal plating in the following spaces: a storeroom for cleaning tools, a machine workshop, a changing room for mechanics, and a linen store.
Lath is a metal framework that serves for installation of partitions, flooring, plating fasteners.
There is also being continued installation of lath for timber flooring in the engine room and mechanic workshop.
Timber flooring is a flooring to be installed on the bottom or deck in order to prevent their damage in case of cargo falling and to prevent cargo soakage.
The shipyard specialists have installed cable from the diesel-generators to the main switchboard.
Every day 90 shipbuilders of SNC shipyard build the floating crane.
The vessel’s construction is performed according to the following stages: metal cutting - manufacture of pipes and hull systems – subassembly and fabrication – hull formation – testing of spaces - deck equipment assembly – installation of electric and navigation equipment – equipping of systems – assembly of insulation and metal plating – outfit of the vessel’s superstructure and accommodations – deck painting – mooring trials – sea trials – delivery to the customer.

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