Hull Formation of St.Mykolai Floating Crane has been Completed!

In SNC dry dock the Romanian shipbuilders have completed welding of unit No70 (crane pillar) to unit No30 (pressure-resistant hull); Liebherr crane has been placed on the vessel pontoon. Thus, hull formation has been completed!

The crane assembly was performed under the supervision of Liebherr engineers. It was placed by two cranes with capacity of 480 tons each at wind force of 7 m/s.

The crane technical characteristics will ensure loading/unloading operations with wave height of up to 1.5 m and wind force of up to 20 m/s.

At present there is being performed installation of pipelines and fittings; equipment is being installed in the engine room.

Foundations for electric switchboards are being mounted.

Leak tests of welding joints of outer casing are being conducted. Soon there will be performed measuring of the main dimensions – length, breadth and depth of the hull.

On April 20 there will be performed technical launching of the vessel in order to undock a vessel being constructed next to. Then the floating crane will be docked again. So that aft and fore drafts of the vessel have the same value, there was placed solid ballast in its fore body by the shipyard.

Soon there will be held the vessel’s launching for its final outfitting afloat. The vessel will be equipped, namely assembly of cable and pipeline fittings, equipment of galley and spaces, assembly work, installation of electronics and navigation devices, and also engines and auxiliaries.

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